sky blue sky on a perfect pool day!

mellon park is such an amazing pittsburgh place. i adore it. xoxo!

when it’s getting dark at 5:15 in the evening, i have to remind myself that daylight savings isn’t all bad….for example, i’m often up early enough to see a gorgeous sunrise like this one!! here’s to your happy friday! xxoo

this just thrills me. i pulled into a parking space at work this morning, and what do i see, but a heart-shaped leaf, resting perfectly in the fence! so, today, my advice is to take a look around at your world, and i promise you will find so much beauty in the little things! happy friday! xoxox 

ooo! more astounding colors in nature! i love it!


At the naschmarkt in Vienna- the prettiest carrots I’ve ever seen!

porch sitting beside the spanish moss in south carolina.

double rainbow. omg.

no, but seriously. i saw this on sunday evening, and it was beautiful.

national geographic photo of the day by keith brown.