lotsa props and a pan of blueberry oat bars.

thumbprint cookies filled with nutella. a totally different taste than making them with icing or jelly!

I’m halfway through frosting this mixed berry cake! I picked up the 2012 best of america’s test kitchen’s book of recipes this weekend, and just had to make this recipe (which is officially called strawberry dream cake, but i only had frozen mixed berries. So it goes!)

brownies, take two. in a pinch for time last night, i whipped these guys up with the recipe on the side of the nestle toll house cocoa container (mixing to baking took 30 minutes total). the recipe, it turns out, is amazing. i was able to cut the brownies without having them crumble into big globs of chocolate (the WORST) and they are so yummy, chewy and chocolatey. i think i’m done using boxed brownie mixes. believe it! recipe here!